Life Counselling with Systemic Vedic Astrology

The Astrology Distance Learning Course

Vedic astrologer opens up a diverse and fascinating professional field for you. The need for life counselling is increasing more and more in these days of rapid change. With Vedic Astrology you have a profound approach at your disposal with which you can supplement your previous consulting services or work on your own.

The Teaching Material for
Astrology Distance Learning Course

  • 1 workbook (12 lessons with question section)
  • a book “Vedic Astrology in Seven Days” (Marcus Schmieke)
  • a book “Your Cosmic Bodyguard” (Marcus Schmieke)
  • Systemic-Vedic Astrology in 7 Days (4 DVDs, approx. 7 hours)
  • Prashna® Basis – Software for Vedic Astrology
    (Will be sent to you via a link for download. This software only works with Windows operating systems, from Windows XP or above!)
  • the Astrology turntable

Training Levels
Systemic-Vedic Astrology

Complete training: Basic training in Systemic-Vedic Astrology (approx. 12 months)
Conclusion: a written horoscope analysis in the form of a customer consultation

Systemic-Vedic Astrology
Distance Learning at a Glance

Requirements: No school requirements
Degree: Certificate or final diploma from the Vedic Academy
Course start: Anytime
at the National Centre for Distance Education (Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht – ZFU) under the number II/169 (Systemisch-Vedische Astrologie)

Your Astrology Instructor:
Uwe Spira

Born on May 8th, 1957 in Andernach am Rhein. During his youth, the spiritual-religious background of his family led him on the search for a transcendent reality beside the material existence of earthly life. In 1979 he met the tradition of Bhakti Yoga and Mantra meditation, which decisively shaped his future path. Initiated in this tradition, he intensively studied the Vedic (Bhakti) scriptures. Here he found the inner development and growth. His conclusion did not lie in a withdrawn life, but in a synthesis of everyday life and spirituality. In 1988 he met Vedic astrology, which aroused great interest and enthusiasm in him. Between 2000 and 2002 he successfully completed the Vasati studies and the study of Vedic Astrology at the Vedic Academy and since 2004 he has been practicing the acquired knowledge of both areas on his own to the great satisfaction of his clients.

Astrology Training: Educational Goals and Contents

Life Counselling with Vedic Astrology
The Vedic astrologer training, which was developed by Marcus Schmieke, opens up a diverse and fascinating professional field for you. The need for qualified life counselling is increasing more and more in today’s times.

A much sought-after service
Many of our students have built up a successful full-time or part-time existence with astrological consulting. In 12 lessons (approx. 12 months) we teach you the basis for professional astrological consultations.

The Queen of Sciences
Astrology is considered the queen of science in Vedic culture. With its help you can penetrate deeper into the secrets of Vasati, Ayurveda and Mantras.

The Basics of Vedic Astrology
With the development of Systemic-Vedic Astrology (SVA) a revolutionary concept has succeeded, which sorts out all insignificant factors and concentrates on the essential information of a horoscope. This makes it possible to teach the complete basics necessary to apply Vedic Astrology in both private and professional life within a relatively short time.

The Strengths of Systemic-Vedic Astrology:

  • Concentrating on less than 20% of the information contained in a horoscope provides more than 80% effectiveness in predicting important life events.
  • For every karmic weakness discovered in a person’s horoscope, effective astral tools are available to reduce the negative influences and strengthen the positive ones.

In the Systemic-Vedic Astrologer training you will acquire the following skills:

  • create a complete horoscope in a short time
  • astrologically predict important events in life
  • determine the exact time of a person’s birth
  • determine the right time for important events
  • answer questions on the basis of the time of the question
  • recognize karmic predispositions of diseases in the horoscope
  • propose appropriate karmic corrective means

Lesson 1:

  • Signs, houses and planets
  • Using the Prashna® Astrology Software
  • Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology and astronomy
  • Western and Vedic Astrology
  • Elements of a horoscope
  • The spiritual meaning of the planets

Lesson 2:

  • The qualities of the planets, houses and signs
  • Spiritual meaning of the signs of the zodiac

Lesson 3:

  • The functional nature of the planets
  • The astrology hub
  • The significations of the planets, houses and signs
  • Effect of planets on planets and houses
  • Aspects, attacks and conjunctions
  • Spirituality in the horoscope

Lesson 4:

  • The strength of the planets
  • How do you determine the strength of a planet?
  • The interaction between strength and functional nature of the planets
  • Conjunctions and aspects
  • Different types of weakening of the planets

Lesson 5:

  • The harmonic subcharts of the 12 houses
  • Your own horoscope for different areas of life
  • Charts for wealth, health, children, life, marriage, relationships, profession, etc.
  • Placement of the karmic axis (Rahu and Ketu)

Lesson 6:

  • The temporal determination of events
  • Planetary periods
  • The Nakshatras – Vedic lunar astrology

Lesson 7:

  • The systematic analysis of a horoscope
  • Ten steps to the interpretation of a horoscope
  • Examples of horoscope interpretations

Lesson 8:

  • Basics of medical astrology
  • How to find health problems?
  • Medical significations of planets, houses and signs
  • Determination of the Ayurvedic constitution

Lesson 9:

  • Character and behaviour analysis
  • How do you determine the character or general behaviour of a person, their relatives and family members from the horoscope?
  • Birth time correction

Lesson 10:

  • Corrective and countermeasures for astrological attacks in the horoscope
  • The five most important means of correction
  • Mantras, colours, gems, number yantras, active compassion
  • Spiritual affirmations to strengthen and transform the planets

Lesson 11:

  • Muhurta: Determining the right time
  • How to determine favourable time for important events in life, such as weddings, conclusion of contracts, start of construction, start of therapies, etc.
  • Principles of Mundan Astrology (politics, finance and world history)

Lesson 12:

  • Advanced analysis method
  • How do you determine the events to be expected for any given period in the future?
  • Advanced analysis method to determine an event horizon for individual days, weeks, months and years
  • Prashna: Answering current questions without a birth chart

Information Material for Download

Texte zum Thema

  • Einführung in die systemisch-vedische Astrologie
  • Das Ziel der vedischen Astrologie
  • Die Grundlagen der systemisch-vedischen Astrologie
  • Die Bedeutung der Häuser mit ihren Lebensbereichen
  • Westliche vs. vedische Astrologie
  • Das Orakel der Palmblattbibliotheken
  • Mahabote – Ein Spiegel des Bewusstseinsraumes des Menschen
  • Vedische Planetenessenzen – Das eigene Potenzial leben
  • Spirituelle Astrologie: Finden Sie Ihre Lebensaufgabe mit Hilfe der Tierkreiszeichen