History of

Vedic Academy

1996 || Foundation at Schloss Weissenstein

The Vedic Academy was founded in 1996 by Marcus Schmieke at Schloss Weißenstein to integrate science and spirituality on the basis of Vedic knowledge. This founding phase was characterised by intensive cooperation with a large network of creative people and institutes who wanted to bring spirituality into society in a variety of ways. These included Merete Mattern`s World Peace Garden and University in Lifecircles, Ronald Engert`s Tattva Viveka, the Scientific and Medical Network, the exceptional scientist Burkhard Heim, the research team at Schloss Weissenstein around Dr. Claudius Kern, the monk Sacinandana Swami, Wolfgang Wiedergut`s Arge Bindu for Free Energy and numerous professors at home and abroad. During this creative time several scientific symposia on the topics the Vedas, water, futurology and spirituality, as well as numerous seminars and lectures took place.

1998 || Move to Saxon Switzerland

With the move of the Vedic Academy to Saxon Switzerland in April 1998, its focus shifted to the implementation of Vedic knowledge as a practical life aid in the areas of health (Ayurveda), living (Vasati) and Vedic astrology. Since then, in addition to many publications and textbooks, numerous practical tools for improving the quality of life and living and the creation of Vedic horoscopes have been developed. It developed a holistic training system, which imparts the necessary knowledge in distance learning courses to the participants, in order to be able to use Vasati, astrology and Ayurveda both in the private life and vocationally. At the same time, seminars and retreats on Vedic philosophy and spirituality took place regularly.

2007 || Move to Berlin

On January 1, 2007, the Vedic Academy moved to the German capital city of Berlin. In the centre of City-West (Fasanenstrasse) there were beautiful seminar rooms in which, besides the training and congresses of the academy, cultural events and a Vedic exhibition initiated by Rainer Kröhne took place. The move to Berlin once again shifted the focus of the Academy’s work, which was now primarily directed towards the establishment of a cooperation with the Indian University of Dev Sanskriti Vishvavidyalaya. At the same time, the training and seminars were continued and there were further publications.

2010 || Move to Kränzlin

At the beginning of 2010, the various projects and the staff of the Vedic Academy came together again under one roof at Schloss (Castle) Kränzlin. The new location offers more space for seminars, training and other events, as well as associated projects such as the Vasati publishing house, Vedic shop, the Timewaver Group and the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research IACR. Apart from this, the rural area offers a beautiful ambience for lectures, seminars and spiritual events and is easy to reach from Berlin. Since the beginning of 2016, Schloss Kränzlin has also been the starting point for the Spirit Network, which, in addition to Marcus Schmieke’s Berlin lecture series “Learning from ancient cultures”, also organizes numerous seminars and lectures on site as well as in the entire German-speaking region.

Since 2016 the Vedic Academy organized several symposia on Vedic philosophy, psychology and spirituality and celebrated its 20th anniversary on 17 June 2017 at Schloss Kränzlin.