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On-site Vasati Consulting

(Only for existing buildings)

Invite us to your home! Together we will optimise your living or working space according to Vasati.

  1. Inspection of the rooms with systematic assessment of the living space quality according to Vasati
  2. Analysis according to Vasati taking into account the horoscope of all residents or employees
  3. Optimisation of your living and working space on 5 levels:
    • Environment – Garden, Land
    • Building level
    • Room functions
    • Optimisation of the furnishing of your home or workplace
    • Energetic correction with the help of Yantras
  4. Astrological help
  5. Written summary of the Vasati analysis

The price of an on-site consultation depends on the size of your property. A Vasati consultation for an apartment or house usually takes between four and five hours. Below you will find a list of our flat rates for consultation:

Apartment up to 80 m²: 700 €
Apartment over 80 m²: 800 €
House up to 250 m²: 900 €

The Yantras are included in this price.

Contact us to make an appointment and find out about the current processing times and travel costs.
We look forward to visiting you at home. Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer.

Vasati Consulting with a Floor Plan

(Only for existing buildings)

An effective and cost-efficient alternative to on-site consultation is a floor plan consultation. On the basis of a floor plan, a map and a few photos, we will prepare a written Vasati analysis for you, covering the following topics:

  • List of the main Vasati features of the building
  • Preparation and consideration of the horoscopes of all residents
  • Description of the main Vasati defects and their potential impact on residents
  • Create a detailed list of corrections covering the same points as an on-site consultation

Please send us the following documents:

  • Site plan of the plot and the buildings with exact indication of north
  • Floor plans of all floors with exact indication of north
  • Marking of the most important pieces of furniture and installations
  • Any photos of the plot, building and rooms
  • Date of birth of residents (date, time and place)
  • If necessary, a list of your specific questions, which the consultation should clarify.

The cost of such a floor plan consultation is half the cost of the corresponding on-site consultation. The yantras and correction materials are not included in this price.

Apartment up to 80 m²: 350 €
Apartment over 80 m²: 400 €
House up to 250 m²: 450 €

Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer for office or work rooms and larger houses.

Planning of Residential and Commercial Buildings

Experience the power of living spaces for yourself!

Leave nothing to chance when planning your dream house or business building. Our experience in hundreds of plans guarantees the implementation of your ideas with optimal room energy:

  • Individual astrological adjustment of the room to its inhabitants.
  • Implementation of mathematical and geometric resonance principles creates a harmonious and safe room energy field.
  • The unhindered flow of life energy in the house and property promotes health and well-being.

The planning of your construction project takes place in seven steps:

  1. Property evaluation: On site or on the basis of a plan, we evaluate your property.
  2. Spatial planning: You tell us your ideas about your construction project.
  3. Preliminary planning: According to the laws of nature of Vasati, a floor plan is sketched.
  4. Optimization: The floor plan is optimized until it completely corresponds to your ideas and the requirements of Vasati.
  5. Preparation of the architect’s plan: Exact placement of all details (windows, doors, fireplaces) and calculation of exact dimensions and proportions according to Vasati and Global Scaling.
  6. Cooperation with the architect: Based on this Vasati plan, your architect or construction company will create the pre-construction drawing. We continue to advise, support and review each individual planning stage in order to ensure precise implementation of Vasati.
  7. Interior design and property: In addition, we advise you on the design of the property (garden and surroundings) as well as on Vasati-compatible interior design.

Price: 15 Euro/m²

Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer.