A vedic model of the multidimensional universe based on consciousness

By Marcus Schmieke, Schloß Weißenstein 1997

In vedic philosophy consciousness is considered to be the underlying reality. Inert unconscious matter is not considered to be an independent substance but a form of covered consciousness. Mind and matter are two poles of the basic polarity in this world. They are both generated by the influence of time from the underlying field of consciousness, which is called mahat-tattva in sanskrt. The mahat-tattva is on the one hand the unmanifested form of matter and on the other hand pure consciousness by nature. Therefor we will call it the matter-consciousness-field. It is a dynamic combination of the two basic energies of the supreme: the unconscious seperated energy of material space (pradhana) and the conscious energy (cit-sakti) which includes the individual spiritual souls as well as the universal conciousness of the supreme person (god). Under the influence of eternal time they interact which each other and create a dynamic surfacestructure with new qualities. This dynamic sufacestructure is the mahat-tattva which manifests it‘s internal aspect as mind and it‘s external aspect as matter. Therefor the material enegry which evolves from the mahat-tattva is a complex hierachical strucutre of internal (conscious) and external spaces which interact with each other within the etheric space or field.

This etheric space evolves from the mahat-tattva if the dynamic processes and vibrations of this matter-consciousness-field are limited. The principle of limitation, which creates borders and divides the one filed into different areas with different qualities is called ahankara in sanskrt and refers to the principle of the material ego. Under the influence of time it transforms the original field into an unlimited set of vibrations, which are geomterically orderd. This vibration-space condenses into the etherical field. Further this field is transformed step by step into a sequence of the five elements, which make up gross matter. This process of densification first transforms the element ether into the element air, then air into fire, fire into water and finally water into earth, which is the most dense form of matter. Parallely to this densification-process of external matter, the mind evolves as the internal space of consciousness. From a higher perspective both matter and mind are internal conscious space which refers to consciousness. The individual mind refers to the individual consciousness of the spiritual soul, whereas the external matter refers to the universal consiousness of the supreme being.

Individual consciousness and the consciousness of the supreme being pervade the whole material creation. Through the subtle body individual consciousness is spread all over the material body of the living entity, whereas the universal consciousness is the background of the whole material creation. The notion, that consciousness is spread all over the material body means, that all over the body processes take place, which connect the gross physical processes of the body and the senses with consciousness. According to modern scientific investigations this processes seem to be connected with quantumeffects on different levels of the physical system. Most of this models are quite complicated and can not be discussed in detail here. To give an idea we will just briefly discuss a model of the Serbian Biophysicist Djuro Koruga, which was presented at an international conference abaout cnsciousness in Belgrad 1995. In his paper he distinguishes between subconsciouness, consciousness and selfconsciousness. Alltogehter they make up our conscious experiece, but they are based on different hierachical levels of the physical system. On the deepest level, subconsciousness may be connected with microtuble-water clusters: „On the quantum machanical level of microtuble-water clusters interaction, the interior of the tube may provide electromagnetic-gravity waves coupling. On that level dynamics of equilibrium gravity-electromagnetic state under environmental weak fields influence may change states of subconsciousness and determine ist activities.“

On a more complexe level of neuronal interactions the sub-conscious processes may be condensed to conscious experiences:

„The parallel actions of many microtuble-clathrin interactions on synapses and dendrites by Golden Mean oscillations (molecular wave functions) are organized in many interconnecting networks, giving a new quality of inforrmation processing – consciousness.“
Finally Koruga suggests that „Coherent control of quantum dynamics of microtuble-water clusters inside the tube may be the basis of self-consciousness.“

In Korugas model quantum-processes on three levels (molecular, cellular and brain) create three levels of consciousness (sub-consciousness, consciousness and self-consciousness). This does not mean that cosciousness has to be a product of physical processes, but that the physical and the mental aspect of reality are related to each other through quantumprocesses on different levels. This idea is supported by the quality of quantumprocesses, to have both material and mental characteristics like discussed in a previous chapter.

According to vedic philosophy quantum processes correspond to the element air and its subtle form touch. The physical level of reality corresponds to the three spacial elements earth, water and fire, which make up all continous physical processes and elementary particles. This physical level of reality is connected to the etherical field which is the implicite order behind the material manifestation. The three-dimensional level of earth, water and fire forms the multidimensional structure of the physical universe. Different dimenisonal levels of this structure can be distinguished by their different densities. The density of a certain material substance depends on the curvature of the corresponding energyflow. According to our understanding of the vedic elements fire corresponds to an one-dimensional linear energy flow, water to a two dimensional rotative energyflow and earth to a dubble-rotative three-dimensional energyflow. Together theese three elements form the three-dimensional energyflow which creates all the atoms, elementary particles and photons as stationary systems of flowing energy.

The element air embodies all discontinous influences on this energyflow wich interupt it, change its direction or bifurcate it. This discrete impulses are controlled by the underlying etherical informationstructure, which represents the unmanifested intelligence behind material creation.

The curvature of a certain system of flowing energy has to be related to an observer. Therfore the curvature has to be compared with the size of the observer. What appears to be strongly curved for a big observer, will seem to be quite linear for a very small observer, who ca not perceive the curvature because he only sees a small part of the whole energyflow.

Like this the different dimensions of the multidimensional universe exist parallely and pervade each other. They can be perceived in principal by all living entities according to the abilities and consistence of their own senses and the developement of their consciousness. The higher the consciousness is developed, the more subtle levels of reality can be perceived by a living being.
Picture 13 gives an idea about how systems with different curvature and size can be connected to each other and be part of one universal dynamic process.

This whole system is controlled by various intelligent beings who are situated on different levels of the cosmic hierarchy according to the developement of their consciousness. All theese controllers depend on the supreme being, who gives the power to controll to all the other. He pervades the whole creation by his consciousness and is present in all atoms. Additionally he is situated in the hearts of all living entities and accompanies them on their journey through hundreds and thousands of incarrnations in the material world. Situated in the heart of the living beings, the supersoul supervises their desires and activities, and arranges their karma accordingly. In her different forms she even controlls the functions of the subtle body, like consciousness, ego, intelligence and mind. The supersoul is the origin of all abilities and facilities of the living entities, which completely depend on her guidance and shelter. Being conscious about the presence and guidance of the supersoul the living entity can strive for elevation to the spiritual world and liberate itself from the influence of material nature. Forgetting its relationship with god the living entity considers himself to be independent and tries to lord over the material nature by his own stenght. In this way he entangles himself more and more in the complex reactions on his activities and gets hoplessly lost in material struggle. His only chance for liberation is to realize his dependence on god and to surrrender unto him. This process of bhakti-yoga is described in the Bhagavad-gita as well as in other vedic scriptures, but it is also the essence of all religions on earth. This process can be started by sincerely calling out the names of god, which are revealed in different spiritual cultures around the world. The Vedas especially recommend to recite the maha-mantra, which consists only of names of god:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

This powerful spiritual soundvibration refoms the desires of the living entities, so that they will direct them towards god-realization and devotional service. It transforms the false material ego of the soul into its real spiritual identification as an eternal part and parcel of the Lord, who is meant to be eternally situated in his transcendental loving service. This is the state of pure consciousness, which is characterized by eternal knowledge and divive bliss.

Spiritual soundvibration is identical with the represented spiritual object. On the spiritual level no diffference between an object and its name exists and therefor the name of god and god are nondifferent. By chanting the names of god in a mode of love and surrender one can realize ones eternal relationship with god and finally attain liberation in his own abode.