Mathematical Realization of Higher Dimensional Space

By Marcus Schmieke

The concepts of this article may be fomalized by the field-theory of Burkhard Heim (14),a German physicist, who has been working on a mathematical discription of the quantitative aspect of matter, life, the psyche and the mental realm since 50 years. He succeeded in finding a physical model which predicts the masses of the elementary particles and the most important natural constants very accurately in good agreement with the empirical values.

One main challenge in modern physics is to unite the theory of relativity with quantum physics and to construct a quantum theory of gravitation. Quantum theory focusses on the micro-level of reality and is dominated by time, whereas the theory of general relativity focusses on the large scales and is dominated by space. To bring these two theories together means to connect time and space, microcosm and macrocosm and most probably also mind and matter.

According to Burkhard Heim this can only be achieved by introducing the life-process as an irreducible reality into the description. Only the life-process unites all these polarities.
Heim shows that four-dimensional space-time is a subspace of a six-dimensional hyperspace, which in turn has a twelve-dimensional hyperspace. By deriving a law of dimensions he demonstrates that only this combination of four, six and twelve dimensions fullfills all the requirements of a unification of quantumphysics and gravity. He demonstrates that the six-dimensional space is composed of two-dimensional metrons which are of the dimension of the square of Plancks lengths. These metrons are the quantums of space. An undisturbed lattice of these metrons is equivalent to empty three-dimensional space, whereas certain deformations of this lattice can be interpreted as physical structures. Of the twelve dimensions only three are real (our common space), and nine are imaginary. Dimension 5 and 6 are organizational coordinates which measure the degree of complexity and teleological value of the related phyical structures. The fifths and sixths dimension can only influence physical space through time. These interactions appear as changes of quantum probabilities in microsystems. Four different kinds of condensations of the metronic structure can be distinguished. They correspond to different physical entities:

a) condensations of x5 and x6 create gravitational waves within R4
b) condensations of x4, x5 and x6 create photons
c) condensations of x1, x2, x3, x5 and x6 create uncharged particles
d) condensations of x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6 create charged particles.

The higher dimensinal hyperspace R12 has six additional dimensions:
i) x7 and x8 form a complementary information-space
ii) x9, x10, x11 and x12 form the space of life processes and networks of subtle energies which nourish the informational fields x7 and x8.

The epistomological basis of Heim´s theory is based on a multi-valued logical system, developed by Burkhard Heim as a basis of his field-theory so that the qualitative aspect of reality could be included.

Burkharfd Heim´s theory seems to offer a new formalism to describe the quantitative aspect of a multidimensional universe mathematically, which is much more characterized by quality than by quantity. It integrates matter, bios, psyche and pneuma and forms a transcendentally open system.