Integrated in the Rhythms of Life

Indian astrology comprises the basic structure of the universe as well as its movements. Its language is universal; it is the language of cosmic energy that can be used for all areas of life.
The rishis, the sages of ancient India, expressed it as follows: Without comprehending the great meaning of the movements and rhythms in which our planet, our life is embedded, we cannot attain perfect wisdom. The study of the planets and their relationships is a fundamental medium for attaining wisdom, for self-knowledge, for realizing the cosmic being within us. We are part of the world of stars and planets; they reflect our connection to the whole.

This is why it is so important today to rediscover the meaning of the planets and their presiding deities for our spiritual development. Be the celestial bodies a source of light (Sun) or a mirror (Moon) of the source or be they magnetic fields in an infinite vibratory grid, they will always establish a connection with each and every living being. They will always be present also in you and me and all the others.

The time is in the center here. It is the ruler of all changes, it carries our destiny and our chances and connects them with possibilities and challenges. Rhythmic lapses of time are with us: days, months, seasons and years. Astrology is the science of the possibilities in time; the Vedas describe it as Kala Vidya, the science of time.
The Earth’s rotation on its axis creates days; the revolution of the Moon around the Earth creates months. The journey of the Earth around the Sun defines the year. We have not reached the end here: great circles of time, the ages or yugas, are part of much, much greater eons.