Moon Astrology – How to do the right thing at the right time?

Panchang, the ancient art of Vedic astrology, helps you to work in harmony with time, your own personal life rhythms and your environment. By raising your awareness of your own life rhythms and the quality of time around you, Panchang helps you become more effective in all areas of your life. It helps you see how time affects you and those surrounding you. Each one of us has our own uniquely personal rhythms. When we work in harmony with these rhythms our lives tend to be easier. Things flow better, and we are more successful in fulfilling our desires. The day goes swimmingly. Panchang helps you harmonise with your rhythms to make more of your time. It teaches you how to work with time not against it.
Panchang says that “time has quality”, like all things in nature. Different times are suited to different activities. If you are aware of the rhythms of time you can use time more effectively. Panchang has a special use in the modern world, especially at a time when we are all struggling with time pressures, time famine and time related stress. It is a Moon-centred astrology that has earned a reputation for being highly accurate and deeply revealing. It lets us know in advance when any point in time is advantageous to us. It is a practical guide on empowering important life decisions such as career changes, love relationships and house moves. Use it for instance to decide the best time for travelling, doing business deals, investment or arranging a romantic date. In essence Panchang Moon Astrology helps you:
Understand and harmonise with your personal life rhythms and make more of your time.

  • Distinguish 11 distinct time qualities in your daily life and consciously use them.
  • Choose times that make your actions more powerful, and make you more effective.
  • Make the most of important opportunities by developing a powerful relationship with time.
  • Enhance your intuition and perception – bring more to your relationships by understanding how time quality affects them.


Panchang is an ancient wisdom that creates modern successes. It’s a system of astrology from India that helps you act powerfully to get more out of life. It boosts your confidence by increasing your effectiveness and helps you discover and develop your full potential. Panchang uses a system of codes developed by the sages of India to map out the quality of Time and Experience. It uses hundreds of thousands of factors to create highly accurate personalized information. Panchang is not at all fatalistic. Rather, its purpose is to help you develop and expand your potential. It’s about getting more from life. Panchang is for people who want to direct their own destiny. You decide how to use Panchang – and it has a huge range of potential uses. Everyone can become the architect of his own fortune.