Know the Sign on the Eastern Horizon

ascendantDue to the rotation of the Earth on its axis a new star sign rises every two hours on the eastern horizon: the ascendant.

Every man has his personal ascendant: the star sign that rose at his time of birth on the eastern sky. Now we see that each minute in due course of time has its own special quality. This quality is a mirror of the cosmic qualities at the time of birth of the newborn man – ibrations that leave their unique fingerprint on the newborn life. From now on, our destiny is sealed. We can express it interactively: the synchronicity of events has created a new pattern.

In western astrology, the star sign that accommodates the Sun at one’s time of birth is the most important starting point for all further considerations of the horoscope. The Vedic system sees the ascendant as most important, followed by the Moon, and only then by the Sun and the other planets.

System’s Approach to Vedic Astrology introduces a system that is a very easy and very quickly to learn approach to an important aspect of Indian astrology: one’s personal ascendant.
And more than that: using our ascendant as basis, it gives us five Vedic remedies to protect body, mind and soul from danger, to cope with weaknesses and to support our spiritual development, for protection and healing in many different spheres of life. Astrology names twelve spheres of life, twelve houses. The calculation begins with the ascendant, the beginning degree of the 1st house, and continues in the direction of the solar movement.