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Meru Chakra (gilt)

The Meru Chakra is the most important corrective tool of Vastu and can be effectively used for correcting defects of the north (direction of health, fortune and money) and northeast (energetically most important and most valuable area of the house). The elaborate precious metal casting (silver, antimony, copper, zinc, pewter) is covered with 24 carat gold. Precious material and the highest precision in manufacture make the original Meru chakra unequalled in its aesthetics and its energetic effect. The Meru chakra has been examined according to LIFE TEST® criteria with the aid of meridian energy measurement (with “Prognos”) in a double blind test and has been rated as “energetically very good” in total judgement.

price: 675,-

Vasati-Pyramide, 24 Karat gilt

The Vasati pyramid is best installed in the centre of a house or room or on another energetic key point. This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree without any analysis. The Vasati pyramid’s powerful corrective effects are due to the synergic combination of all the important vasati correction tools: 12 yantras, 9 glass pyramids, mantras, Vastupurusha mandala and the installation ceremony. The Vasati pyramid equalises up to 75% of negative spatial energies and Vastu defects with an effect range of around 22 metres. The counterbalancing effect of a combined usage of correctly placed yantras with a Vastu pyramid and/or Meru Chakra can be as much as 98%. The Vasati pyramid when can therefore neutralise nearly all of a building’s negative energies without having to probe into the specific nature of the defects.

Price: 875,-

Prashna® 2012 – Our Vedic Astrology Software

This innovative software for Vedic Astrology integrates all the essential functions needed for everyday work with the Vedic Astrology. Because Prashna 2012® is based on the unbeatably clear and effective System?s Approach to Astrology as thought by my teacher Prof. V.K. Choudry, it can fulfil functions which no software in the world can accomplish. The successive version of the four build-up editions of the software always includes the preceding version(s). In the following we present some of the features:

Prashna® Basic € 108,-
~ Interactive Horoscope Charts
You can click on each element (planets, signs and houses) with the mouse and obtain helpful information about its qualities and significations. Interpretations of the planetary positions are also shown. Aspects and conjunctions are visually displayed using colourful arrows. This is one of the reasons why this software is ideal for studying Vedic Astrology. Moreover, the Basic Edition includes a comfortable transits function and the function for the analysis of the transits and the birth chart. It also features informative diagrams for planetary strengths, the strength of the houses, planetary phases, harmonic subcharts etc.

Prashna® Interpretation € 216,-
~ Horoscope Interpraton in English
The Interpretation Edition of Prashna 2012 provides you with ca. 14 pages of detailed text interpreting and analysing the given chart. This document also gives an interpretation of about the determined Ayurvedic constitution and additionally supplies a Vastu horoscope for better living quality.

~ Recommendation for karmic and spiritual remedies
In the Interpretation Edition you will find elaborate individual recommendation how you can transform the weak spots in your natal horoscope with mantras, yantras, colours, gems and deeds.

Prashna® Professional € 432,-
~ Comfortable search for auspicious moments (Muhurta Search Function)
You set the time period and some search criteria. The Muhurta Search Function automatically calculates the auspicious moments that meet your criteria. This function enables you to ensure more power for all starting points and initiatives in your life.

~ Transit Search Function and Transit Calendar
With the Transit Search Function you can automatically find those days in your life when your planets are have a specially good or bad placement. The Transit Calendars shows the course of your planetary strengths and strengths of the houses over a desired period. It represents so to say your karmic biorhythm.

~ Predictive mode
This unique function enables you to determine the possible events for any given time period. It considers the natal chart, the planetary phase and the respective transits.

Prashna® Radionic Mode for Karmic Correction € 864,-
With the help of an radionic software module the radionic mode creates an information field of mantras (sound recordings are included in the software), yantras, gems, colours etc. and sends this information radionically in desired intervals through the ether in order to balance karmic weaknesses.

Download the demo version here!

Die Gravitationswellen- Resonanz-Mandalas

If one graphically depicts the complete natural oscillations (resonances) of the cosmic gravitational wave as discovered by dr. Müller, these resonances of the gravitational waves yield a fascinating mandala. This mandala consists of ca. 115000 circles. Each circle corresponds to one oscillation of matter on an energetically favourable level, the co-called oscillation of vacuum resonance. Both the radiation of electrical appliances as well as deviations from the ideal geometrical forms of Vasati disturb the innate oscillations of space.

For each of the directions in vasati there is a planet assigned, and with it also a colour. Therefore one set consists of nine resonance mandalas with the colours:

  • orange (Sun, east)
  • blue (Venus, southeast)
  • red (Mars, south)
  • grey (Rahu, southwest)
  • violet (Saturn, west)
  • turquoise (Moon, northwest)
  • green (Mercury, north)
  • yellow (Jupiter, northeast)
  • black (general)

The mandalas should be attached in the centre of the house or in the middle of the individual room, either on the floor or under the ceiling.

price: 15€ per mandala or 108€ for the whole set.