Vasati on-site consultation

Invite us to your home! Provide practical solutions, advice and tools that can help you correct the existing defects and restore the natural balance and tranquillity of your living or working space

A Vasati consultation of an existing property includes:

  • Survey of the rooms with a systematic assessment of the living and working environment according to Vasati.
  • Vasati Analysis under consideration of the horoscopes of all the occupants.
  • Optimizing your living and working space on five levels:
  • Surroundings: garden and the surroundings of the house are optimized as far as possible
  • Structural level: Which simple construcion changes are needed or possible
  • Room functions: Are the rooms of your house or office put to the best possible use?
  • Providing Solutions for the interior design of your living or working space
  • Correction of energy defects using yantras: Vasati defects that cannot be corrected on the gross level can be counteracted at the subtle level with yantras (couloured symbols). We choose the yantras on-site and attach them to the walls. The yantras are included in the price.
  • Astrological help: If interested, on the basis of your horoscope we can give you tips how you can better deal with your. karmic challenges. This includes reciting mantras, using personal yantras, colours etc.
  • Vasati -Analisys: If so desired we can summarize the most important results of the Vasati consultation in a detailed to do list in writing.

Such a Vasati conultation usually takes about four to five houres for a house or a flat. We offer the following all-inclusive prices for consultations:

  • Apartment up to 80 m2 Euro 700,-
  • Apartment over 80 m2 Euro 800,-
  • House up to 250 m2 Euro 900,-

Office and workspace or bigger houses: according to prior agreement (all prices incl. value added tax and correction yantras). If the consultation can be connected with other appointments, the travel costs may be avoided. Please contact me to check out the possibilities.

Phone us to settle the appointment. We are looking forward to visiting you at your home! Our telephone number is: 0049/03391-4002218, Fax 4002299; E-mail:,

Best regards,

Marcus Schmieke, Thomas Puta

Vasati Consultation based on floor plans

An effective and economical alternative to on-site consultation is the consultation on the basis of floor plans. If you send me the floor plan, the subdivision plan and possibly some photos we will work on a written Vasati report comprising the following points:

  • Identification of the most important Vasati qualities of the building
  • Reading of the housing horoscopes of all the occupants
  • Description of the important vasati defects and their potential influence on the occupants
  • A detailed to do list (same as in the on-site consultation – see above)

For this please send me the following documents:

  • ground plan of the site and the building with exact marking of the north
  • floor plans of all floors of the building with the north direction
  • markings of most important furniture and installations
  • possibly photos of the site, building and rooms
  • birth data of the occupants (date, time, place)
  • list of specific questions to be cleared in the consultation

The costs for such a floor plan consultation are about the half of the respective on-site consultation. The Yantras and the corrective tools are not included in the price.

  • Apartment up to 80 m2 Euro 350,-
  • Apartment over 80 m2 Euro 400,-
  • House up to 250 m2 Euro 450,-

Office and workspace or bigger houses: according to prior agreement (all prices incl. value added tax).

Design of residential or commercial buildings

Experience yourself the power of living space! We will take into consideration your dreams, ideas and requirements and come up with a design aligned with Vasati. Our experience in planning hundrets of buildings garanties the realisation of your ideas while maintaining good Vasati potential:

  • Individual astrological tuning of the space to suit its occupants
  • Applying mathematical and geometrical resonance principles create a harmonious and natural balance and tranquillity of your living or working space.
  • increased health and well-being due to the unhindered flow of life energy in the house and site

The design of your house or building is carried out in 7 steps:

  • Plot survey and assessment: on-site or on the basis or ground plans
  • Space planning: under considerations of your ideas and requirements
  • Conceptual Design: a sketch of a ground plan aligned with the natural l* aws of Vasati
    Refinement: the ground plan is refined until it completely suits your needs and desires, at the same time meeting the Vasati criteria
  • Architectural Plan: Exact positioning of all details (windows, doors, firesides) and calculating the exact measures and proportions according to Vasati and Global Scaling
  • Collaboration with the architect:On the basis of the Vasati plan your architect or your construction company will finalize the house plan and give it to the planning commision for approval. We advise, support and oversee each planning phase in order to ensure the Vasati design of your property
  • Interior design and surroundings: Additionally we consult you in designing the garden and the surroundings, as well as developing interiors aligned with Vasati

For an individual offer please write to: