The Veda Academy

The Veda Acadamy has been established in 1996 by Marcus Schmieke on “Schloss Weißenstein” with goal of integrating science and spirituality on the basis of vedic knowledge. Since then the Academy developed several correspondence courses, seminars and published literature in the following subjects:

  • Vasati – Vedic architecture
  • Jyotish – Vedic astrology
  • Ayurveda – Vedic medicine
  • Sanskrit – language of the Vedas
  • Mantras – Vedic science of sound
  • Vedic Way –comprehensive knowledge of practical Vedic lifestyle
  • Natural science – especially physics

Three Circles

The work of the Veda-Academy is distributed among three circles. The inner circle represents the endeavor for self and god realization. The middle circle stands for all aspects of Vedic knowledge that lead to progress and upliftment of the other areas of life. Most of the educational courses of the Veda Academy can be seen within this circle.
The middle circle is directly connected to both the inner circle as well as to the outer circle, which mainly represents the connection and integration of modern science with the spiritual knowledge of the Vedas.

Move to “Burg Schöna”

At the time of moving to Schöna , a place near Dresden, in April 1998 the focus of the Academy’s work shifted towards the development of the middle circle. An educational system was created that conveys the knowledge of Vasati, Astrology and Ayurveda in the form of correspondence courses and enables the students the private as well as the professional application of these sciences.

Dharma and Sanatana Dharma

One important aspect of the work of the Veda-Academy is centered around the concepts of Dharma, Sanatan Dharma and spiritual culture. Dharma describes the proper path that a person takes within this world in accordance with his or her individual nature and inclinations. In this connection the understanding of one’s own karmic life tasks and the foundational life principles is taken into consideration with goal to live one’s life according to one’s inner nature. Sanatan Dharma is the spiritual nature of the soul, to understand oneself as a part and servant of God and to act as such. Spiritual culture helps coordinating Dharma and Sanatan Dharma. An important task herein is to discover the knowledge, culture and spirituality as it is still alive in contemporary India and to translate it into the life circumstances of our European culture. For this end the Veda-Academy is working together with associated institutes and persons in India who know and live Vedic spirituality.

Move to Berlin

On January 1st 2007 the Veda-Academy moved to the capital Berlin. In the City-West (Fasanenstrasse) the Academy had beautiful seminar rooms where also cultural events took place, besides the educational programs and congresses. Again the focus of the Academy’s work shifted, which was at this time directed towards the foundation of an international Vedic university. At the same time the courses and seminars continued.

Move to Kränzlin

At the beginning of 2010 the different projects and different members of the Veda-Academy became consolidated again. The new place offers more space for seminars, trainings and other events as well as associated project like the online shop “Veden-Shop”, the Timewaver GmbH, the Vasati GmbH and the Institute for information field medicine. Apart from that the rural area offers an beautiful ambience for our events and is well reachable from Berlin city.